The World’s Most Costly Salt

Typically known as the “fifth factor,” salt shouldn’t be solely vital for all times, it’s used all around the world and is an indispensable a part of any dish.

Within the phrases of famend chef Ferran Adrià, “salt is the one product that adjustments delicacies”. Presently, there’s an enormous surge of curiosity in salt, and cooks in all places are experimenting with artisanal varieties from across the globe.

“Salt is born of the purest of oldsters: the Solar and the Sea.”


For those who’ve solely been utilizing two varieties of salt – desk and maybe sea salt, it could be time to up your salt sport!

To information you, on this article, we listing a few of the world’s rarest and costliest salts that may elevate any dish to encourage you to experiment and introduce complicated new flavors to your creations.

And, though the costs could appear eye wateringly excessive, do not forget that most are used as ‘ending salts.’ In order that they’re sprinkled onto the meals earlier than serving, a little bit goes a good distance, and salt has no expiry date.

Have you learnt of a uncommon salt that isn’t listed? Share your concepts within the feedback beneath – we’d love to listen to them!

1. Amethyst Bamboo 9x Korean Sea Salt

 Worth: $43.75 per as soon as  ($153 per 100g)  

This highly-prized salt begins life as coarse, grey sea salt. It’s ready by putting it in bamboo cylinders and yellow clay, then kiln-roasting it in a pinewood-fuelled oven at nearly 800° C (1,450° F).

The bamboo and clay are incinerated, leaving simply the salt. This intricate roasting course of is repeated 9 occasions till the salt turns pink and takes on hints of the pinewood, clay, bamboo, and the iron of the furnace.

With its intense and sophisticated taste, it’s utilized in cooking and to complete dishes. It’s additionally claimed to have highly effective medicinal properties and to stimulate Chi or life pressure.

2. Korean Oyster Bamboo

Worth: $23.75 per as soon as ($83 per 100g)

This darkish, purplish-black sea salt goes via a equally labor-intensive course of to that of Amethyst Bamboo Salt and takes as much as 45 days to ‘treatment’. That is additionally the explanation why Korean bamboo salt is one the costliest salts on this planet. You pay not onlyfor the beautiful taste, but in addition for every little thing that goes into producing it.

Though solely produced in Korea, it’s prized throughout Asia, not merely as a culinary ingredient but in addition for its supposed medicinal qualities. In comparison with most different salts, it’s wealthy in iron, potassium, and calcium.

3. Hana Flake Japanese Sea Salt

Worth: $14.4 per oz ($50 per 100g)

This lovely ice-white salt comes within the form of a flattened pyramid, with delicate flakes that glisten within the daylight – like pristine arctic snow. Hana Flake is used to season a variety of Japanese dishes however can be an ideal complement for salads and steamed greens. It makes a  beautiful garnish for cocktails.

It’s at present accessible for buy on the Meadow, however solely as a part of an beautiful set of premium sea salts. For sure, the ocean salt set is something however low-cost.

4. Kamebishi Soy Salt

Worth: $12.8 per oz  ($45 per 100g)

Not like extra conventional salts relationship again lots of of years, soy salt is a comparatively fashionable invention. With a fancy mixture of flavors, it’s utilized in Japan so as to add curiosity to all varieties of meals, together with fish, greens, and eggs. Followers describe it as sea-weedy and even yeasty with a robust umami chunk.

Kamebishi soy salt is produced in a conventional 254-year-old family-owned Japanese brewery. Japanese cooks who concentrate on French and Italian meals in Japan developed the concept of remodeling liquid soy into flakes.

They wished to combine Kamebishi’s shoyu (soy sauce) of their preparations with out the danger of their creations being labeled “fusion” or “Japanized”.  

5. Saffron Salt

Worth: $12.7 per oz ($44 per 100g)

At round $2,500 per pound, pure saffron is a real luxurious and the costliest spice on this planet. The worth is not any shock, given the labor-intensive technique of hand-harvesting the stamens from uncommon crocus flowers.

Even when this most valuable ingredient is mixed with rigorously produced sea salt to create a more cost effective product, it nonetheless instructions an eye-watering price ticket. Nevertheless, followers will declare that after you’ve tried it, nothing else comes near the elegant and aromatic aroma it provides to any dish.

In addition to being an indispensable a part of any tagine, it provides complexity to fish, rice, eggs, greens, lamb tagine, hen, and even Bloody Marys.

To make sure you’re getting the true factor, try the substances. Whereas it ought to solely comprise sea salt and fragrant saffron, cheaper blends add turmeric to offer a particular colour whereas reducing the price of manufacturing. Don’t get caught out!

6. Takesumi Bamboo Japanese Salt

Worth: $12.00 per oz ($43 per 100g)

Takesumi Bamboo is blackened, deep sea salt with a texture in contrast to another. It doesn’t a lot soften within the mouth as fizz, like a can of soda that you simply’ve simply given a superb shake. The expertise is typically in comparison with consuming ‘little volcanoes’.

This uncommon and versatile salt can end and add a shocking twist to just about any sort of dish, from barbecued meats, grilled fish, sushi, stir-fries, or tropical fruit.  

7. Kilauea Onyx

Worth: $8.33 per oz ($30 per 100g)

Kilauea Onyx salt has a deep black colour and a novel silky texture.

The ocean salt is dried below the solar, along with purified black lava rock, which provides minerals. These are mixed with activated charcoal, which offers colour and will increase the detoxifying impact. All this occurs below the supervision of licensed salt masters, who’re entrusted with sustaining the traditional Hawaiian custom of salt-making.

This eye-catching condiment can be utilized to complete something from grilled fish to fruit salads. It makes a terrific dialog starter and affords a fancy taste that’s onerous to pin down. 

8.  Bora Bora Sea Salt 

Worth: $7.54 per as soon as ($26 per 100g)

From the distant tropical island of Bora Bora comes an environmentally pleasant salt produced manually from the pristine Pacific waters and dried by the solar and the wind.

With its delicate taste, this versatile, all-natural product can end a variety of dishes.

9. Iburi Jio Cherry Smoked Salt

Worth: $5.70 per oz ($20 per 100g)

Extracted from 2-3,000 ft below the ocean, it’s not solely the purity of this salt that makes it distinctive. Iburi Jio Cherry Smoked Salt has a refined, nearly bacon-like taste that comes from a three-day, labor-intensive technique of cold-smoking in cherry wooden.

It’s a gorgeous creamy beige colour and can be utilized so as to add complexity to a variety of dishes. It makes a terrific associate for a superb whiskey, and even sprinkle a number of grains on prime of your subsequent luxurious ice cream.

10. Icelandic Lava Salt 

Worth: $4.09 per oz ($14 per 100g)

Are you tired of sea salt? Then this Icelandic salt could also be what you want as a result of the nation’s volcanic lava rocks add charcoal to the native seawater. Not solely does this give the salt an sudden colour, it means it’s filled with extra well being advantages.

Prized as a pure detoxifier, it’s improbable for pores and skin issues, digestive points, and metabolism. As well as, lava salt comprises excessive ranges of the minerals our our bodies want – which can be missing in our fashionable weight-reduction plan.

Solely a tiny amount is produced yearly, and as a few of the world’s best cooks are followers, costs proceed to rise.

11. Blue Persian Rock Salt 

Worth: $3.43 per oz ($12 per 100g)

This unbelievable salt, fashioned below strain from the rocks round it, and searching like one thing out of a fairy story, is mined deep underground in northern Iran.

It’s a clear salt nestled for tens of hundreds of years below Earth’s floor, shielded from pollution and contaminants. It’s wealthy in magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium.

The beautiful blue colour is an optical phantasm as mild is refracted via the salt crystals. So use it sparingly to complete a variety of dishes – and astonish your friends together with your creativity.

12. Black Truffle Salt (Tartufo Nero)

 Worth: $3.4 per as soon as ($12 per 100g)

Whereas some folks can’t address the overwhelming perfume, black truffles have lengthy been thought of a luxurious ingredient, prized by gourmets. They’re additionally very, very costly.

Nevertheless, only a pinch of truffle salt can remodel probably the most mundane dish into one thing magical – sprinkle a number of grains onto a grilled cheese sandwich, making it distinctive and unforgettable. It additionally provides pleasure to pasta, rice, or egg dishes.

Greater than that, it’s reputed so as to add a sure sparkle to your love life, because the musky aroma has properties that improve attraction. And as black truffles are filled with antioxidants and stimulate the manufacturing of collagen, a number of grains aren’t solely good to your well being, they might even assist maintain your pores and skin wrinkle-free!

You will discover a number of totally different manufacturers promoting black truffle salt on Amazon.

13. Asin Tibuok aka Dinosaur’s Egg (Philippine Sea Salt)

Worth: $2.83 per oz ($10 per 100g)

This earthy sea salt from the Philippines is produced utilizing an historical method – heating it in an earthen vessel over an open hearth. The truth that it’s generally generally known as dinosaur egg salt provides a clue in regards to the form it is available in, and it’s served by shaving a number of grains off and utilizing them to mud the completed dishes.

14. Oshima Island Blue Label Salt

Worth: $1.66 per oz ($6 per 100g)

This spectacular blue salt is without doubt one of the rarest in Japan. It originates from the tiny Japanese island of Oshima, positioned in the midst of the pristine waters of the Pacific.

This seawater is collected on trays and dried within the open air, utilizing solely the solar’s warmth. Nothing is added or eliminated, so it stays fully pure. 

Like most of those premium salts, it’s higher used to complete off dishes. The flaky grains are crunchy, with an elusive sweetness.  

15. Amabito No Moshio (Historical Japanese Seaweed Salt)

Worth: $1.30 per oz ($4.5 per 100g)

This uncommon and costly salt is produced solely in Japan. Amabito No Moshio goes via a rigorous refining course of. After being extracted from the unpolluted inland Seto sea, it’s allowed to evaporate a little bit earlier than seaweed is added to infuse it with an unmistakable colour and style.

Primarily, Amabito No Moshio is a premium salt redolent with ocean taste, which is refined utilizing a mix of historical and fashionable strategies to create a  distinctive and unique seasoning.

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